Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Money Clip adorned with 25 centavo coin

    This Valentine's Day, do you find yourself at a loss as to what to give your beloved who already seems to have everything? Found a good idea you might want to try. Why not give him/her a piece of history to carry in his/her pocket?  This two-toned coin hinged money clip comes with a real 25 centavo coin from the Philippines (the one with the butterfly which has long been out of circulation).  This memento of a coin (which is the size of a U.S. nickel) is first layered in pure bright silver. Then, by hand, the figure is highlighted and brought to life with rich, pure 24K gold. Each coin is hermetically sealed in a clear, hard acrylic coating and comes in a jewelry box. The coin comes mounted in a patented hinge type clip that can hold either just one bill or a number of bills. This item is available at Amazon and is currently sold at $45.55 (caveat: be a prudent online buyer - check out the seller first and see reviews of past customers). If the price is too steep for you, think of something equally interesting. Go get your creative juices flowing! For more ideas, check out my earlier posts (especially the personalized and hand-made gifts). Bear in mind the five love languages (refer to my "low budget" post), and you will be a sure hit! Have a love-filled Heart's Day!!

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