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    In Part One of this topic, we tackled diaper covers. Here, we will discuss cloth diapers with inserts for extra absorption of baby's pee and poo.
   gDiapers offers two alternatives to match the cute gPants perfectly. First, its 100% BIODEGRADABLE gRefill – which you can either COMPOST, TOSS, OR FLUSH DOWN THE TOILET (I'd say go for the first one to maximize its utility). While each traditional disposable diaper takes up to 500 YEARS TO BIODEGRADE, it takes ONLY 50-150 DAYS FOR THE gDiapers REFILL TO BREAK DOWN! Check out  this video. If you'd rather stick to lampin, however, gDiapers  offers you gCloth inserts, so the cloth need not be folded anymore before putting on the gPants. The insert comes with four layers of soft microfleece and a hemp-cotton combination to provide the natural absorption you are looking for.

            For those looking for a local manufacturer, check out Zippy Dypes by Mel Fernandez of Dagupan (thanks for pointing me to the site, Arlene!). Zippy Dypes has two lines of cloth diapers, both with a diaper rating of approximately 3 to 4 hours  per use  (for the average wetter). These are the Cotton Stuffer and the Classic Wools which have inherent breathing membrane to help prevent occurrence of diaper rash). For your inner linig, Zippy Dypes gives you two options also - flannel (which is recommended for smaller babies due to its softness which doesn't sacrifice absorption potency) and micro-fleece (recommended for the bigger sizes). The basic set is composed of 3 pieces: the main dype, the soaker, and the doubler (made of hypoallergenic material). The basic Cotton Stuffers sell for Php315, while the Wool Classics start at Php435. This Christmas, Zippy Dypes offers its starter kit (3 cotton stuffers and 2 wool classics) at a "Christmas price" of Php1,706 (plus shipping cost). It also came out with a plaid red design in time for the holidays. If you are near Dagupan, visit the display center at Clinica Derma Dagupan in Malimgas Market. Zippy Dypes also accepts adult dypes by order.
   Another local product which has been in the market for a few years now is Tushy Wushy by Next9. Its fleece inside layer, water-proof outside layer, and leg gussets make for better  protection against leaks. Tushy Wushy diapers come in a box of 3 pieces (one color, one size) at Php1,000 per box.
    Some also offer DIAPER LINERS like Diaperaps which contain a special weave to keep baby dry. 100% biodegradable, the liner "holds" the poop (which could be easily flushed down the toilet) so the diaper is not that soiled and hard to wash.

    Don’t want to fold, stuff, then remove your cloth diaper inside the wonderful diaper covers mentioned in  Part One of this blog post? Pinoybaby Store offers the DryBees Hybrid All In One Diaper. It already comes with a built in microfiber insert in three layers, but has a pocket for extra inserts for heavy wetters, or for long day trips, as well as for night time use.Thirsties, on the other hand, offers its Pocket All-In-One (AIO) v2 cloth diaper which likewise comes with a pocket into which its own Hemp Inserts or Fab Doublers can be stuffed.  

    With all these wonderful products to choose from (among numerous other brands available in the market - FuzziBunz, bumGenius, Canadian-made Kushies), you can surely give baby (and mommy too!) a very merry christmas, while greeting mother earth a happy new year.

    For more reviews on products for babies and toddlers, click on this link.

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