Monday, December 7, 2009

Low budget + unique christmas gifts = sweet surpises!


Before you get any naughty ideas (remember, Santa is taking note!),  let me identify some of the services you can pledge to offer your loved one for the coming year. If you're into shopping, you can guarantee to be the recipient's personal shopper for the next yuletide season. If you're the last person in the house to help with the chores, you can undertake to take charge of the clearing and storing of the Christmas tree and all christmas decors after this season’s festivities, as well as the setting up of the same every year (for X number of years). If you have transferrable coupons to a spa or salon establishment (the kind that Granton Marketing offers), add in a  free massage or pampering service so your beloved can have some R&R while you shop or clear away! This is perfect if your beloved's love language is Acts of Service. Just remember to make good on your promise.

If, however, your beloved's love language is Quality Time, this GC would be more apt. Depending on the recipient's age and interests, set a date for a zoo trip, a museum sight seeing, a camping adventure, or a star gazing experience at an observatory. If it's for your spouse, the gift certifcate may be for a guaranteed weekly date just for the two of you. The dates don't have to be in fancy places. What's important is you would get to spend quality time with each other, giving each other undivided attention (if possible) or sharing memorable experiences together. Just search for any free gift certificate template and customize away.. Place in a nice envelope and throw in the tickets to wherever you promise to bring him/her on your (first) date for good measure. If tickets are inapplicable (because you have to use them on the purchase date, or no ticket is required for entrance), use anything that would symbolize the place or activity (magazine cut-out or clipping, the event ad in a newspaper, etc.). Then watch and see the unfolding of a memorable experience this Christmas and beyond.


Your recipient too young to appreciate the low budget gift ideas suggested above? Check out which suggests giving away some REINDEER POOP using chocolate drops, chocolate raisins, or just pure raisins. Place inside cute little pouches or bags. Attach the funny Reindeer Poop Poem found in the site. I can almost hear the recipient kids‘ giggles with this one. You can also try the ELF POOP using multi-colored candies. You can find the Elf Poop Poem here or you can make your own. :) If you prefer SNOWMAN POOP, you can use mini marshmallows.. Forecast: a sure hit with the little ones (and the kids at heart too)!!

Go and get creative!

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