Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas ornaments - for your tree and for your car!


Wear your heart on your christmas tree. Showcase your loved ones in these 16 double-sided heart-shaped photo frames adorning this unique miniature christmas tree by Things Remembered.  

Carry warm and fond memories of christmases past as you go about your way making more memories of christmas present with this parol in your car.

Look for small picture frames (which can house 2"x2" pictures) to which you can attach the string or cord (for hanging on the christmas tree). Put in a picture of a family member per frame. Embellish to give it a christmas feel. Not the arts and crafts type of person? No sweat! You can opt to order your personalized SNOWFLAKE NAMES instead. Great for hanging on your tree, your wreath, even your rear view mirror. Pre-laminated, it comes with a string already for instant hanging upon delivery (which takes 3 to 7 days).

Embellish away! But remember, ornaments help set the mood. The making of a meaningful christmas is all up to you :)

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